Project Description

Customized Service

In 2015, Yao shen transformed from professional foundry and provided professional OEM/ODM foundry services. Yao shen transformed into an electronic software/hardware solution provider. With the changes in the electronics industry, Yao shen In response to the customer’s product needs, more focused on the service mode of ODM design, but also bring greater benefits to customers!!

With Yao shen’s professional PCB and SMT factory support, coupled with strong R&D personnel, the customer’s demand for product design and introduction into the production system, from the development of hardware and software to the production process of the board have standard The production process allows the customized products to be more smoothly quantified.

Yao shen is also an integrator. It has a certain production mode from design/PCB/SMT, and also creates product stability. It further integrates with upstream and downstream manufacturers to make customers’ products more smoothly mass-produced and also for customers. For a more competitive price, this integration will allow both customers and suppliers to achieve a win-win situation.

Practical Cases