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In 2012, Yao shen Technology Co., Ltd. has the capabilities and technology of manufacturing printed circuit board (PCB) and SMT chip manufacturing, providing a complete service for customers around the world.

We have the best resources to maximize the effectiveness, and thus enhance the industry level and the ultimate appeal. The products are in small and medium-sized batches, products are multi-layered, and delivery is rapid. The design and manufacturing process is the process. The purpose of service is the original power of Yao shen. Solid R&D and excellent technology, and more choices for customers are Yao shen Technology. The highest concept!!

In 2015, we will transform from professional foundry and provide professional OEM/ODM foundry services. From the customer’s idea or idea, we can implement it step by step for you. From special functional requirements, unique functional design, etc., we are able to provide professional advice to meet the needs of our customers.



  • Creative
    Have a wealth of creative ideas to match the needs of assisting customers from intangible concepts to physical finished products

  • Development
    R&D can provide customers with reference to the concept of customer and communication, and provide professional design concepts to the client.

  • Manufacture
    Professional PCB factory production and SMT patch factory production, effectively increase production scale, reduce product costs and enhance competitiveness.

  • Integration
    From the design side to the module shipment, we provide customers with quality products and competitive prices.


Yaoshen has the support of professional PCB and SMT factories, coupled with strong R&D personnel, to design and introduce the products required by customers into the production system. From the development of software and hardware to the production process of circuit boards, there are standard production processes to make the customized products more smoothly quantified.